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​​​​​​​​​Drop In Studio/Beach: $20

5 Class Pass:  $80

10 Class Pass:  $140

1 Month Unlimited: $95

1 Week Unlimited: $80

**5 and 10 class passes expire after 6 months from the date of purchase. Passes cannot be shared


Private and Semi Private Integrative Healing Breathwork Sessions

1 Hour Session - $125  

Individual and group Tarot Card Readings by Appointment  

Individual Readings - $100 per person

**call for special group rates, ask about our tarot and flow -  a chakra balancing yoga to prepare for the intuitive tarot reading!

Reiki Healing ( with Aura cleansing)

 The many benefits of reiki include: deep relaxation, stress reduction, clearing toxins, relieving pain, strengthening the immune system and healing from the inside out.

1 Hour Session - $125

'The Elevator'  

Therapeutic Massage infused with Cranial Sacral Energy Healing to lighten the body, mind and spirit.

90 minute Session- $175

Individualized Sound Healing Sessions

Bathe your body in the vibratory sounds of Tibetan singing bowls and experience the peace and healing that accompanies this one hour sound journey.

1 Hour Session - $100

**call for group rates for private sound baths!