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March 20th marks the Spring Equinox, a day that signifies equal amount of day (light) and night (dark) which is seen as an opportunity to not only restore balance in our lives, but to open to the expansion of light and love that comes in the spring and summer months.  This is a great time to restart, recharge and be REborn!  Join us for the 7 week deep dive into our energetic system of the Chakras! Have you ever wondered what these energy centers truly are or what it means for them to be 'out of balance'? How they are connected to our physical bodies? Or even how you can access and clear the stagnant energy stored within them? Whether you are new the chakras and would like a deeper education of them or have an understanding of them already and are looking to commit to a program to help you reset from the past, find balance and start this new season with a clear energy system ready to take on the new year; this cleanse is for YOU! 

We have 7 major Chakras or 'energy vortices' that run along our spine from the base of our tailbone to the crown of our head. Each once deeply connected our nervous system, endocrine system as well as different organs in the body. As we move weekly through each of these major energy centers, you will be given a comprehensive guide to understanding your chakra system, clearing stuck or stagnant energies within them through yoga, meditation, breathwork, journaling and even following a dietary cleanse!  

What is included in this program:

description of the chakra system and a complete guide to each individual chakra

weekly guided meditations

weekly pre-recorded one hour yoga asana focusing on each individual chakra

guided breathing exercises for each chakra

mantras for each chakra

weekly journaling prompts

weekly menu of foods to balance each chakra as well as recipe suggestions


MARCH 20TH 10:30AM-12:30PM


The Spring Equinox marks the time when the days and nights are equal.  It is a time that encourages rebirth and renewal as it reminds us that the days getting longer signifies the return of light.  The end of winter can sometimes feel a little rocky, as the energy shifts from an inward focus to an outward focus.  implementing changes required in order to grow and flourish can disrupt our equilibrium this time of year, but with the spring equinox the Earth returns to a place of perfect balance, offering an opportunity to bring back some much needed balance in our own lives! Join us for the two hour event as we BREATHE in light, love, grace and harmony!  Using the high frequency of our breath coupled with the power of Reiki Healing we will set the intention to not only restore balance but open us up to any much deserved positive changes this new season brings! 

Join us via ZOOM from the comfort and ease of your home! 

What you will need:

A few pillows and a blanket

a pen and paper





​Full moons always signify a culmination of a cycle and the start of a new, this one just days after the spring equinox carries with it a fresh start and passion for new beginnings! Join us as we clear any stuck and stagnant energy from the winter.  BREATHE in intention with us using the high frequency of our breath as well as the power of Reiki Healing to draw in light love and balance for the new season! 

Join via ZOOM from the comfort of your home

what you will need:

a few pillows and a blanket

a pen and paper




( Dates to be announced)

Whether you want to deepen your practice, gain more yoga knowledge or pursue your dream of teaching yoga, this training will offer you the opportunity to discover yourself, explore the practice and expand your heart! Learn the skills you need to confidently share your passion of yoga with your community!

Training includes:

 - Asanas including teaching techniques, modifications, alignment and sanskrit 

- Anatomy and physiology

- Hands on assists and adjustments 

- Yoga philosophy and history

- Chakras, bandhas and mudras 

- Meditation

- Intelligent sequencing

- Spiritual connection of yoga to our daily lives + more!


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​A  200 hour transformational experience....

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